OOO "REMOS" started production of natural handmade soap. By the time the  "natural" trend only gained its popularity in Ukraine.

The main objectives was to create a product:

- Natural and sophisticated soap

- Absolutely safe for skin

- Gives not only purity but also health

Thus was born the TM "YAKA" - "Yakіsne Korisne Aromaterapevtichne" (aromaticity) soap.

First participation with a new product in the exhibition "Medicine" was successful and attracted the attention of pharmacy chains to organic food.


Launch of the whole line of natural soaps called "Pharmacy soap." The most popular - "Tar", "Three grass", "Medical collection" and others.


Developed and implemented to the production the  "Cosmetic" series of soaps which include cosmetic clay, dirt, wax, seaweed, salt and other minerals complexes.


In Moscow  "YAKA - RU" company is launched. Products have received the quality certificate of the Russian Federation.


The company "REMOS" acquired property complex and significantly expanded production facilities near Kiev s.Roslavichi.

Start of the production deliveries in the Belarus. Products have received the quality certificate of the Belarusian Republic.


Start of  production of natural liquid soaps, shower gels.


According to polls TM "YAKA" took 2nd place in the category "Facial care" (infected skin) in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.


New Organic series is  presented to the market.


A new line  «Green care for men» is designed and launched specifically for men.

Production of  a series of daily skin care and body treatments.