Nowadays  consumers' interest is growing to detergents, which are made from natural ingredients, contain no preservatives, synthetic dyes, and any "chemistry".

LLC "REMOS" has its own production facilities (located 25 km from Kyiv), laboratory, pilot production, land intended for cultivation of medicinal plants.

The products we produce are 100% natural, high-quality, innovatively composed, attractive to a buyer and copy-protected. 

The company offers production of natural products under private label for:

  • drugstore chains,
  • perfumery and cosmetics chains,
  • supermarkets,
  • hotels and other customers;

LLC "REMOS" offers to customers:

  • Development of natural  formula and production of products with the specified parameters;
  • Development and production of  products according to price category;
  • Possibilities to product minimum amounts;
  • Product certification in Ukraine (UkrSePrO)
  • Production on the company's facilities in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological rules and technical regulations;
  • Flexible pricing policy.